"Collaboration is the new competition"

Jennifer Boulaud_fondatrice_PlayDogs

Jennifer, a passionate and versatile entrepreneur with a degree in Notariat and real estate, lives in Paris with Ribella, her little black cocker spaniel. She is launching her own pet tech business in 2021 after noticing the lack of tools for dog owners in the city.

Mike Atkinson_co-fondateur_PlayDogs

Mike, a passionate tech with lots of ideas, specializing in cyber security, lives in rural Switzerland with his white shepherd Hiro. He set out on his own in pet tech in 2014 after noticing the lack of tools for dog owners in rural areas.

One evening in January 2023, at a professionnal event for pet start-ups, Jennifer & Mike, then two competitors, meet and talk. Everything seemed to oppose them, geographically (he’s in Switzerland, she’s in Paris), professionally and personally (right down to the size and color of their dogs!).

After a few exchanges (and a few drinks 🤪) it was obvious!

They complement each other, have the same project, the same ambitions and, above all, the same values.

"Our goal is to improve the well-being of dogs & humans on a daily basis"